The Concorde Martial Arts Center

                      The Vietnamese Art of Cuong Nhu (hard/soft)

           Aikido, Judo, Shotokan, Tai Chi, Boxing, Vovinam, Wing Chung

Concorde Cuong Nhu Dojo and Head Instructor


Dojo means "school". Concorde Cuong Nhu is the sister school to Concorde Soccer Club and is run by Heidi Goldstein-Sidley. Heidi Holds a black belt in both Cuong Nhu (CNOMAA) and Judo (French Federation of Judo). She has been practicing both disciplines since the early 90's and has competed in international Judo competitions in Europe.  She began her Cuong Nhu training in Atlanta, Georgia under the instructions of one of the founder's first students, Master Mary Davis, and frequently trained with the founder, O'Sensei Ngo Dong.  She began her Judo training in Atlanta under the Olympic US Judo champion, Leo White.  While in France, she founded and ran a Cuong Nhu school in Paris for 6 years and can conduct classes in both English and French.  She lives in White Plains with her husband and two young children.

Children's Program


In addition to teen and adult classes, Concorde offers a children's program starting from Kindergarten. Concorde Cuong Nhu teaches children fitness and conflict avoidance through martial arts excercises and games that help them improve coordination and endurance. Parents love that their kids show greater discipline and respect for others, even outside the Cuong Nhu class. Kids just love that it's fun!

Generally, kids should wait until the age of five to begin training, though if younger children are able to focus through class and apply themselves, then they are welcome to come in and try it out. Kids classes are ongoing and kids may start and time.


Why Train?

Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts is a diverse group of men, women and children with wide ranging abilities, backgrounds and occupations. We believe consistent practices in our style improves strength, fitness, balance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, spirit and awareness. We also train to be responsible citizens of our local communities and the world at large through the study of a philosophy which features such notions as The Three O's (Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Arms) and The 5 A's (Awareness, Alertness, Avoidance, Anticipation, Action).

We regulary challenge ourselves to become the best possible people we can be. And while we love to train, we always work at a level and pace that is comfortable and appropriate.

"Start the revolution within yourself!" - O'Sensei Ngo Dong, Cuong Nhu Founder

Testimonials: Hear what parents and kids are saying about our program!

"it is a great class, and extremely beneficial especially for my daughter . It has taught her respect, compassion, and most important for me, to not give up ever . She is normally the last person to finish exercises, however, she never gives up. Before this class she would just say the typical," I can't do it." I guess I would have to say the best thing she's learned is Self Confidence. Heidi is above and beyond a great teacher as well as her assistants. Great, great staff! I can't wait for my son to start. :) "

"It's fantastic. Such a great class."

"awesome! The best class we've ever enrolled our son in!"

Note from a 2nd grader: "Dear Sensei Heidi, Thank you so much for teaching me all the techniques in martial arts. And thank you for being my friend. I love being in your class! Thank You again!"